What is 5G technology and how does it work

5G technology
5G technology


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What is 5G technology and how does it work – Not even 4G internet came to India in 5 years, and nowadays we are getting to hear 5G networks. Yes, do you know that people are using 5G internet in some countries of the world right now! And in India, 5G Internet is ready soon.

The biggest feature of 4G is Speed, due to which people are able to access any information fast in their smartphones, computers! But imagine what will happen when 5G launches in India! Yes, now is not the day when 5G will be launched in India.

So if you are a Smart Internet User, then you must have knowledge about 5G Internet in the coming time. So today’s article is for all users who want to know what 5G is? When will 5G launch in India? What will be its benefits? And the biggest thing is its speed.

So, to get complete information about 5G, read this article today till the last! Let’s first die.

What is 5G?

5G means the fifth generation of Cellular Communication Technology. Speed ​​of this generation will be very high! Due to which users will be able to easily upload and share large data.

The 5G network will not only include Fast Downloading and Fast Internet Speed ​​but it will also include Lower Latency, which will be required in future for technology-intensive devices such as IOT Device, Self-Driving Car etc.

For your information, let us know that 5G network will use Radio Technology! Also known as 5G NR (New Radio)! If we compare the frequency of 4G network then it is much less than 5G.

How will a 5G network work?

5G works on an entirely new radio spectrum band in the network, letting you know that 5G uses millimeter waves tightly, then broadcasting a frequency that works at 30 to 300 GHz, before it Works at 6GHz. That is, this band is currently used for 4G. Until now this technology was used for communication between satellite and radar systems, although millimeter waves cannot easily travel through any building or any other solid object, 5G also provides an advantage of small sales. For this, a small miniature-based station has been established approximately every 250 meters. Due to this you get good coverage at any place.

These base stations also use massive MIMO. MIMO means multiple input and multiple output. It is also possible that you have a home wireless router that works on MIMO technology, which means that it has a lot of antennas, which can work easily by coordinating between several different devices. Massive MIMO can use multiple antennas at the same base station at the same time. This network also becomes so strong due to many other things.

What will be the speed of 5G internet?

If we talk about 5G internet speed! So, this speed will be more than 20Gbs. For your information, let us know that at present the speed of 4G internet is 45Mbps maximum! According to this you can guess that 5G network speed is going to be much higher than 4G internet.

So, when will 5G technology come to India 5G!

Simply put, there is no fixed date for 5G Internet access in India. Because telecom companies will have to invest heavily to set up a 5G network across the country! With this, all telecom companies will consider whether Indian people are fully ready to adopt 5G internet price instead of cheap Fast 4G data?

So you must have understood that 5G internet is likely to come! And proper action is being taken on this! The government is working on 5G spectrum auction. So, due to lack of fixed time fix, now you have to wait for 5G internet! Till then enjoy 4G Internet and keep learning.

Now let us know about some of the 5G networked features.

More bandwidth

First of all understand the meaning of Bandwidth, it is a Storage / Space! Which is made available to a user for browsing, file download etc. while accessing the Internet. So the more Bandwidth decrease, the more the device Slow works.

But if we look at the 5G network, you will get more bandwidth here! Due to which you will be able to download files quite a lot faster with fast browsing. Along with this, the advantage of more bandwidth is that even when many users are connected to the Internet, there is no problem in Speed.

5G networks require less energy, and use about 90% less network usage than normal networks.

With the introduction of 5G technology, many cities will be made Smart City through this technology.

On online streaming services such as Youtube, Netflix, etc., you will be able to watch high-quality and 4K videos without buffering.

Technology experts believe that this can easily manage the older generation of the network.

A question that must be coming in the minds of many users is that after the arrival of 4G internet, we had to change our 4G device! Will 5G phones have to be taken in the same way for 5G internet?

According to the change in technology, the device should have 5G Compatibility! So for this you may need to buy a 5G Device.

How 5G technology works

With the advent of 5G network, internet speed will increase significantly! So it also becomes important for us to know how it works! So if we talk about 4G, here are the signals! They need a high-power tower cell to radiate long distances.

And this is the reason why you must have seen the high towers in 2G, 3G, in the same way, in 4G network, very big towers are located in height.

But in the case of 5G, separate towers are installed in 5G technology to transmit 5G Wireless Signals. For those whose size is very small, these towers can be installed on electric poles or roofs of the house.

It is important for you to go here that 5G provides high speed internet, so Signal can be transmitted only in short distance.

The first generation technology used the lower frequency band of the spectrum.

Which can cover less distance but it also has lower speed and capacity compared to Millimetre-Wave (Frequency Range used in 5G technology).

So in this article of today you learned about 5G technology! Hopefully this information will prove useful. If you have any question related to this article, then you can ask through comments.

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