Bitcoin Future in 2021

Are you also stunned by the current price rate of Bitcoin? If yes, then you must have wondered what is the future of bitcoin? So let’s understand everything about it so that if you also want to play Bitcoin – Bitcoin will give you benefits.

Bitcoin Price In India 2021

Today, when I am writing this post, means on 19 January 2021, there is currently 1 Bitcoin = 27,15,835.06 and a few days ago the price of 1 Bitcoin has crossed 3 million.


What is the future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 and in 2010 it was priced at $ 0.08 meaning July was only around 6 Rupees in 2010 but by 2021, its price went above 30 lakhs, so you must also think about how long it will cost How far will it go?

Do you also want to invest some money in Bitcoin now? So before doing all this, it is important to understand its future and price prediction today.

Why Bitcoin is so Popular

Friends, as you know that Bitcoin has emerged as a global payment alternative when it comes to why it has become so popular, the reason for this is the demand since people have understood that Bitcoin Limited number I have created such an environment

When it was told to the world that take Bitcoin as soon as possible, people started buying it more and you know that if the demand for something suddenly goes too high and the supply is low then its price becomes very high.

This is the reason that the price of Bitcoin has become so high but the question is whether its price will continue to increase like this? What will its future be like?

Friends, on the experience of so many days, I would say that now its price has become so high that if you are buying thinking that it will increase now then you are making a huge fool because even if its price will increase but if it falls Will fall from the pit because all played, it is the demand and supply.

Future of Bitcoin In India?

Friends, since you are studying this article in Hindi, it is likely that you will be from India, so it is important for you to know what will be the future of Bitcoin in India?

So the answer is that even if it has got legal recognition or has got it, the primary payment has not been accepted and it will not be done.

You will think that why I am saying this, then I would like to put some facts in front of you which is necessary to understand, then you will also say that yes, this thing is right.

One thing, do you think that there is any country in the world where the government wants that the control of the people of that country does not remain with it? Even though we say Democracy, but the leaders of every country try to keep control of everything

In such a situation, if in the coming time, the use of global currency for wrongdoing will also be done through a decentralized system, then those who do wrong will not have the problem of money transfer and they can get anything done anywhere.

You already know that with the help of the Internet, using such a system, sending information is securely sent and it is just a problem, then transfer money, because any government searches for the source of money and catches such people. If you use Bitcoin then how will the government be able to catch it?

Then later such global currency will be curbed, so it is a mistake to think of it as an investment now, you will wonder if the people of the world are completely foolish? So no friend, there is nothing like it but all the intelligent people are taking advantage of this opportunity.

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