Signal app kya hai


Whatsapp duniya bhar mein messaging, video aur voice call ke lie ek lokapriy app hai. whatsapp kee tarah hee kaee app baajaar mein aae jaise telegram, imo aadi, lekin inakee lokapriyata seemit hi rahee. haalaanki, whatsapp ko tak‍kar dene signal app aa chuka hai. signal ke jarie aap bina esemes ka shul‍ka chukae ins‍taintalee apane … Read more

What is payment gateway? How do payment gateways work?


Often you will hear from someone that I have done online shopping, I bought these goods online or you must have been shopping online yourself. Do you know that when you buy something online, it has to be paid online as well. For making online payments, the website or application has a payment gateway using … Read more

Top 10 Audio Editing Apps for Android Phones

Editing Apps

Audio Editing Apps for Android Phones-In this era of this technology, almost everyone has a smart Android phone and they have very high-quality features and the audio recorder video recorder with smartphones make very high-quality audio videos but which the video recorder of Android smartphone Records high-quality video, it is not supported inside small bark … Read more

10 Programming Languages You Must Learn

10 Programming Languages You Must Learn

These are the 10 Programming Languages You Must Learn. Hello friends, there is a high demand for coding skills in today’s time. So programming jobs are getting a good salary at today’s time average position. In the tech world, knowledge of any one programming language increases the value of your resumé. These programming languages ​​are … Read more

Top 5 programming languages

earn well by learning these top 5 programming languages

Top 5 programming languages What are the top 5 programming languages to learn to earn more money. By learning many such programming languages ​​related to the computer, you can earn a good income in today’s time. Learn about such top 5 programming languages: 1. Java Java was created as a programming language in 1991. The … Read more