Top 5 programming languages

Top 5 programming languages

What are the top 5 programming languages to learn to earn more money.

By learning many such programming languages ​​related to the computer, you can earn a good income in today’s time. Learn about such top 5 programming languages:

Best programming languages

1. Java

Java was created as a programming language in 1991. The Oracle company developed this language for use in smart TVs. Java is the most commonly used programming language in the world today.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is used to create web apps. Always keep in mind that Java and JavaScript do not have the same language. Both languages ​​are completely different from each other. JavaScript is used to build the modern web. HTML and CSS also have to be done with JavaScript.

3. Objective-C (Objective-C)

Seeing the success of C programming language, many languages ​​with similar names were developed. Objective-C was also one of them. This language is used to make iPhone apps. However, Apple uses Objective-C as well as the language created by the company to create apps.

4. Perl

This programming language was created by a NASA engineer in the 80s. Perl is used in text processing.

5. C language

C is the oldest programming language. Even today it has the highest demand among IT companies. The C language was developed in the 70s.

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