10 Programming Languages You Must Learn

These are the 10 Programming Languages You Must Learn.

Hello friends, there is a high demand for coding skills in today’s time.

So programming jobs are getting a good salary at today’s time average position. In the tech world, knowledge of any one programming language increases the value of your resumé.

These programming languages ​​are used in every sector.

For financial and enterprise systems to perform many complex functions and be highly organized, programming languages ​​like Java and C

10 Programming Languages You Should Learn

1. Java

2. C Language

3. C++

4. C#

5. Objective-C

6. PHP

7. Python

8. Ruby

9. JavaScript

10. SQL

1. Java

What Java is: Java is a class-based, object-oriented programming language that Sun Microsystems discovered in the 1990s.

It is one of the most demanding programming languages, which is also used in enterprise software, web-based content, games and mobile apps, and the Android operating system.

Java has been designed in such a way that you can use it on multiple software platforms.

For example, a program designed for Mac OS X can also be used in Windows.

Where to learn java – Oracle.comLearnJavaOnline.org.

2. C language

What is C language: It is an imperative programming language for general-purpose that was developed in the early ’70s. C is the oldest and most widely used language, which provides blocks to other popular languages.

C is mostly used in implementing operating systems and embedded applications.

It provides a base for other languages. You should learn C (and C) before proceeding.

Where to learn C language:  Learn-CIntroduction To ProgrammingsLynda.comCProgrammings.com, Learn C The Hard Way.

3. C++

What is C++: C++ is an intermediate-level language with object-oriented programming features that are originally designed and support C language. C major software like Firefox powers Winamp and Adobe programs.

It is used in developing systems software, application software, high-performance servers, client applications, and video games.

Where to learn C++ language: Lynda.comCPlusPlus.comLearnCpp.comCProgrammings.com.

4. C#

What is C#: It is pronounced as “C-sharp,”. C# is a multi-paradigm language that Microsoft has discovered and is a part of the .NET initiative. It combines the principles of C# and C#, a general-purpose language to develop software for Microsoft and Windows platforms. Are done.

Where to learn C# language: Lynda.comMicrosoft Virtual AcademyTutorialsPoint.com.

5. Objective-C

What is Objective-C: Objective-C is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that Apple operating systems use.

This also powers Apple’s OS X and iOS, and APIs, and also create iPhone apps, which is increasing the demand for this outmoded programming language.

Where to learn Objective-C- Lynda.comMac Developer LibraryCocoa Dev CentralMobile Tuts+.

6. PHP

What is PHP: PHP (Hypertext Processor) is a free, server-side scripting language designed for dynamic websites and app development.

It can be directly embedded as an HTML source document without creating an external file, which is why it is a popular programming language for web developers.

PHP powers more than 200 million websites, such as WordPress, Digg, and Facebook.

Where to learn PHP –CodecademyLynda.comTreehouseZend Developer Zone,PHP.net.

7. Python

What is Python: Python is a high-level, server-side scripting language for websites and mobile apps. It is considered an easy language for beginners due to its readability and compact syntax,

Meaning developers can tell the concept by using only a few lines of code. These web apps power, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Rdio. Google it, Yahoo! And NASA also uses it.

Where to learn  Python –CodecademyLynda.comLearnPython.orgPython.org.

8. Ruby

What is Ruby: It is a dynamic, object-oriented scripting language. Ruby was developed for simple and easy writing, which is used to develop websites and mobile apps. Ruby powers the Rails framework, which is used in Scribd, GitHub, Groupon, and Shopify.

Like Python, Ruby is also considered user-friendly for beginners.

 Where to learn  Ruby CodecademyCode SchoolTryRuby.orgRubyMonk.

9. JavaScript

What is JavaScript: JavaScript is a client and server-side scripting language that Netscape has discovered. Most of its syntax is derived from C. It can be used on multiple web browsers and it can be used to develop animated web functions. It is also used in making game development and desktop applications. JavaScript interpreters are used in Google’s Chrome extensions, Apple’s Safari extensions, Adobe Acrobat and Reader, and Adobe’s Creative Suite.

Where to learn  JavaScript CodecademyLynda.comCode SchoolTreehouseLearn-JS.org.

10. SQL

What is SQL: Structured Query Language (SQL) is a special-purpose language that is used to manage data in database management systems.

It is commonly used for the “Query” function, which searches informational databases.

SQL was standardized in the 1980s by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Where to learn  SQL dbmstutorialpoint.comSQLCourse.comTutorialsPoint.comSQLZoo.net.

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