Best Editing Apps for Selfies

What are the best editing apps for selfies?

Through this article Best Editing Apps for Selfies, people who are very fond of taking photos are going to benefit a lot.

The number of smartphones is increasing in the smart world, which does not have a phone today. The advantages of a smartphone are so much that your work becomes very easy.

In such a situation, I am talking about some top 10 photo editing apps for Android phones, through which you can make your photo as best as possible.

Are you fond of selfies but are unable to take selfies on the phone as you want? So don’t worry. Here today we will tell you about some such editing selfies apps from which you will be able to take a good selfie even from a normal smartphone.

Beauty Plus Magic Camera If you want to take a good selfie then install this app on your smartphone today. Here you can edit your photo as you want. With this, you can not only remove the stains of your face but also retouch the skin.

Top 10 photo editing apps for selfies in Android phones:

1. Vsco

VSCO Editing Apps
VSCO Editing Apps

Vsco is a really good photo editing app for selfies in iPhone and Android, but it takes some time to get used to. This app had all the editing tools of Instagram before the Facebook-owned photo app did.

We like Vsco’s range of filters a lot more than those offered by Instagram and the app has a strong community of smartphone photography enthusiasts in case you want to see what people can do with the app.


  • A huge choice of presets
  • Easy-to-use image editing tools
  • You can use your editing settings with other pictures


  • After using VSCO membership for free for a week, the money for its further use can be automatically withdrawn from your card without any warning

2. Retrica

retrica Editing Apps

This is a great option for a selfie. It has also received a good rating on the Google Play Store.

It can also create beautiful photos, collages, videos and Gifs. Not only this, through this app you can also mark your memory with the original stamp.

In this app, you will be able to add annotations to your photos with images, time stamps, texts, etc.

There, you can also communicate with other users and follow their pictures via the chronological look of the app.

The pros

  • Plenty of filters
  • Supports Video and GIF images
  • Possibility to communicate with other selfie fans


  • Saving images can be problematic

3.  Fabby:

fabby Editing Apps

Fabby Editing app is also one of the best app. This app has also been liked by many people. Some of Fabby’s special features –

The special thing of the Fabby app is that you can take photos like DSLR Camera.

Through this blur tool, you can do the same effect as your pic in DSLR.

This app has different background option so that you can give great look to photos. It also has some features like beauty, custom.


  • 2 billion various designer styles
  • Video backgrounds
  • Blurring function


  • Problems with launching

4.   Air Brush:

Air brush Editing Apps
Air Brush

Airbrush photo editor is made by China, which has attracted a lot of people. So know some special things about this app-

Your pics get a different look from this editor, as if you have acne on your face, you can hide yourself through it.

This app transforms your look and changes it completely and you can also make makeup on your image.


  • Plenty of picture editing features
  • Filters


  • Problems with purchasing 
  • The number of available functions in the free version is limited

5.   You Cam Perfect:

you cam perfect
You Cam Perfect

You Cam Perfect is a very good editor, I use it myself. This app you can download for free and it is the perfect app for Android phone.

  • The effects in You Cam are very high quality and good as well as the features of a collage of you cam will not be seen in any other app.
  • With this app, you can do live makeup on your face as well as enjoy premium services. Different Stickers are also present in this app.
  • It has a feature of fun and art through which you can give a fun artistic look to your image.
  • Its file is saved in your gallery by the name of your cam. So that you do not have any inconvenience to find photos.

6.   Snapchat


Sometimes you just want to look beautiful, but don’t have the energy to work for it. With popular Snapchat lenses such as the beloved Pappy and Coachella flower crowns, Snapchat takes all the guesswork out of adjusting filters and re-shaping facial features.

Snapchat is a nice app to make selfies look better. It provides great lenses, filters and a lot of other interesting functions such as 3D-Bitmoji. When you take a selfie, you can add text, “World Lenses”, “Bitmoji” to it, share it with your friends and delete it after some time so that it is visible only to the person you sent it to.


  • You may communicate with other users
  • Lenses for selfies and filters are updated every day
  • The possibility to create 3D-Bitmoji
  • Video chat with up to 16 people


  • Possible interruptions in video chats
  • A few popular masks have been deleted

7.     Pixlr

pixlr Editing Apps

Autodesk’s Pixlr is a pretty good app for basic photo editing. Whenever we talk about photo editing, Pixlr’s name comes out. The Pixlr app is liked by 50 million people. The app has a neat interface that makes it easy to find effects and filters for you to apply. We found a very useful tool called “Pixelate” that allows you to quickly blur out any part of an image, apart from easy-to-use tools to edit the image. We also liked the fact that they use simple terms such as “Brighten” and “Darken” to name all of their editing tools as it makes the app more accessible to everyone.

  • Pixlr has different types of tools, Brushes, and Defaults so that you can make your pic look great.
  • Through Pixlr you can also create collages that are different from other apps. Pixlr helps in making images great and you are also famous among users for a long time.

8.     Prisma

There is no better app than Prisma if you want to give the best effect to selfies. This photo editing app was first launched for iOS but soon became a hit due to hand sketches. Users can select their own effect and take a selfie.

These days you will get to see two types of smartphone users, one who is running after Pokémon and the other who are taking photos from the Prisma app and uploading them on social media. The fever of both these apps will be seen everywhere.

Flashy artwork

  • The Prisma app transforms it into an attractive artwork using filters on your photo.


  • This app can turn any of your photos into a great painting. Which seems to be a real painting.


  • On this app, you will find a variety of styles, such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Edward Muncha, and many more.


Sometimes you want to take a selfie but don’t want to miss the front landscape! In this case, the front-back app is of your use. Through this app, you can click photos from both front and back cameras. Take a selfie through this app and make the surrounding beauty a part of the selfie.

9.   Perfect 365

Perfect 365

This is the best selfie app for women because using it, they can apply makeup to shots in a matter of a few seconds. It provides 20 different tools for makeup and beauty, various presets, and looks.

Perfect365 is a very good editor, I use it myself. This app you can download for free is the perfect app for Android phones.

  • The effects in Perfect365are very high quality and good as well as the features of the collage of your cam will not be seen in any other app.
  • With this app, you can do live makeup on your face as well as enjoy premium services. Different Stickers are also present in this app.
  • It has a feature fun and artistic through which you can give a fun artistic look to your image.
  • Its file is saved in your gallery by the name of your cam. So that you do not have any inconvenience to find photos.

10.     Picsart:


This app is very popular. A total of 8 million people have liked this app, as well as this app, has got a 4.5 rating for its best features. You can easily download this app from Google Play Store.

  • The unique features of Picsart are what make it different. With its editing function, you can give different effects topics, as well as the feature of collages is present in it.
  • Piscart makes some features unique like Drawings in which you can do different types of paintings. You can also change the background of backgrounds pics, good backgrounds are present in them.
  • There are already some photos in this app, which you can edit and share in piscart itself, which you will not see in other apps.
  • Piscart also has some paid stickers and some free stickers, you can use them as you like.
  • Now I am talking about one of the features that I have never seen in any app is the challenges in which Piscart loads some challenges. You can win on your app and that challenges. This app is quite interesting as well as photo editing.

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So these are the best editing selfies apps for android and iphone

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